Campeador SM III *2019, PRE stallion, 1,62m, price D

Campeador SM III *2019, PRE stallion, 1,62m, price D

Campeador SM III *03/03/2019 from the breeder SALVADOR MIRAS GOMEZ is an impressing approved PRE stallion, baroque and perfectly shaped. He is Perlina color tested “Baya Perla” genetic gg Ee AA CC (Cr) NPrl chch. This charming PRE is an eye catcher and not only for his special color and appearance, but also for his amazing nice and lovely character. He is easy going , very well behaved, in spite of the mares next to him, he has no stallion behavior and is easy to control. 11 mares are pregnant from him to foal in spring 2023! Campeador is ridden in the basics. He has a full set of clean x-rays! His pedigree is based in interesting color and quality breeding lines. Sired by Perlina Pausado SM III from the very breeder SALVADOR MIRAS GOMEZ, this lines from his father’s side are going back to Paudado SMIII (Perlina), Nagareño SM (chestnut), Castizo SM (buckskin), sired by Mas Mas ( Paco Marti)! His mother Campeadora SM is a bay mare, based in interesting blood lines, mainly by his own very breeder and in 4th generation also represented by Carmelo II (buckskin, Paco Marti). Here you can see Campeador SM III as a 2 year old moving very well!


Additional information


Approved, P.R.E.



Fellfarbe color

Perla Bayo


Basic Ridden


D 15000-20000 Euro