BECARIA XIX YEDRA *2018, PRE mare, 1,61m, price B

BECARIA XIX YEDRA *2018, PRE mare, 1,61m, price B


BECARIA XIX YEDRA *22/11/2018 is a well built baroque PRE mare , friendly and sane. She moves very well, with expression and grace, in spite of her rather baroque shaped body, which makes her so beautiful, as you can hardly find this kind of representative of the PRE breed standard! She has a nice way to respond to humans, shows interest and is bonding easily. A smart, pretty mare,  used to live mainly outside, being started now to get used to be handled, even to have a saddle and rider on, but just to try her out. She is patient and trusts the rider, absolutely stunning mare!  Sired by calificado and recommended dressage breeding stallion of the Escalera breeder, Triunfador MFE , he has the best lines to the very exquisite ancestors of Escalera! Cartujano LXVII (1,72 m) is the father of Triunfador MFE, also calificado and by Ancce recommended dressage breeding stallion, sired by Ranchero XIV (Escalera)who is even mejorante qualified!


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B 5000-10000 Euro