Bandolero *2012, gelding, 1,66m, price B

Bandolero *2012, gelding, 1,66m, price B

Bandolero *29/12/2012 is a tall, well ridden gelding, ideal for long rides and hacking. Bandolero has even participated in the pilgrim ride “El Rocio” and is therefore used to rides in groups but also hacks out alone. He is utterly safe to hack out, with traffic and roads, and nice to handle, a joy top ride. The white mark on his nose is only white fur  which he has had for a long time but there is no scar, its only the fur. The mane has been kept short traditionally as he has been ridden always with Spanish tack the doma vaquera style.

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Andalusien no Papers




Basic Ridden, Hacking


B 5000-10000 Euro