Aristeo *2008, gelding, 1,60m, price B

Aristeo *2008, gelding, 1,60m, price B

Aristeo *15/3/2008  is a beautiful well trained Hispano Arab gelding, a school master for beginners, utter joy for advanced riders. He is a gentleman in every aspect! He hacks out alone and in company, is a bomb proof horse altogether. His training level would suit dressage ambitions as well as working equitation, he is even ridden bridleless as you can see in the last part of the long video. His training level includes all laterals: half pass in walk trot, canter, shoulder in and renvers also walk, trot, canter, zick-zack trot, flying changes in strokes of 4 and 3, very nice stretching forward-downward also on trot. A fantastic horse to enjoy every minute of being around, as well from the ground as riding him!

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Hispano Arab




Basic Ridden, Dressage, Hacking


B 5000-10000 Euro