Aria *2021, filly, price B

Aria *2021, filly, price B

Aria * 19/09/2021 is an eye-catcher and a heart breaker! Not only her fur color is special, a beautiful combination of her parents, but also her character is unique! she is self-confident and playful, she was already running in front of her mother at the age of 1 day! She is really very special! The weaning took place after consultation with her mom. Some foals need their mother for a longer period than others. Her father Brandy is a beautiful cream pinto Lusitano-Mix, a Luso-Arab-PRE (see photo), her mother Lua (Galician for Luna = moon) is a 3-colored baroque Pinto mare (see photo). Both parents can be visited at the stud farm. Here the horses may be horses, the foals are naturally produced in the fields, where the stallion with his mare is living together during the breeding season. The foals grow up there in a herd and are bonding with humans from the beginning. They are learning playfully to be handled, even loading, putting the halter, walking with mom and foals through forests, fields, along busy roads and past tractors. Already at a young age, the foals playfully learn to enter the trailer alone, to follow you, to pick up feet and to be touched everywhere. The horses there are all bred privately with a lot of love and professional experience by the German breeder lady. They are all wormed (every 3 months) and all vaccinated against influenza and tetanus, location: Galicia. If you wish, you can visit the horses yourself, perhaps in combination with a trip to Santiago de Compostella!

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B 5000-10000 Euro

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Luso Araber PRE Mix