ALEGRE LOS HOYOS *2016, PRE stallion,1,60 m price B

ALEGRE LOS HOYOS *2016, PRE stallion,1,60 m price B

ALEGRE LOS HOYOS *29/07/2016 is a young PRE stallion from the breeder GARCIA MORILLA, still living outside in the field at the breeder’s yard and is in the middle of growth process. Watching his gaits, we can expect him to develop to a beautiful, talented PRE, being based in very good important blood lines. Sired by Belmonte XXVII
(see picture) from the breeder Yeguada Montes de Toledo. Belmonte is calificado and recommended dressage breeding stallion by the Ancce, he has been presented 3 times at the SICAB and has always been amongst the 7 best PREs of Spain. Watch the video “ Campeon de la Copa Ancce in Toledo, 2013”:
Belmonte is sired by Devo Ram II (1,72 m) (see picture) . Devo Ram is sired by world famous calificado and Mejorante stallion Educado X  .
His grandfather from his mother’s side Digital ( Yeguada Los Retamales)has been Spanish Champion in 2002, and here we find more dressage lines such as Granda Losada, Camacho Benítez, Yeguada Militar.


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B 5000-10000 Euro