Step back in time at the ancient ruins of Bobastro, located near the famed Caminito del Rey trail. Dive deep into history and explore these archaeological wonders for just a few euros, complete with a guided tour.

The conversions of the Roman-era castle of Bobastro were commissioned in 880 by Omar Ben Hafsun, a Goth convert to Islam and descendant of Count Altfuns. Bobastro was his main position of defense against the Emir of Cordoba. In addition, after he converted to Christianity in 899, a church was created in Bobastro. The church is the only one of Mozarabic origin in this area, the former Al-Ándalus.

After his exile in Africa for his rebellion against the Moors, Ben Hafsun took refuge in the Roman ruins. The castle was to be the capital of the kingdom that was being built in southern Andalusia and founded numerous companies, setting an example throughout Andalusia.After his death in the 9th century, his sons Chafar, Soleiman and Hafs took over his kingdom. In 928 she was conquered by Abd ar-Rahman III. conquered, who had numerous fortresses and smaller castles built in their surroundings in order to narrow the siege ring of the fortress and the castle. The fortress was destroyed immediately afterwards.

Opening hours Monday-Sunday 9am-2 pm, Mondays closed. Location: https://goo.gl/maps/2ujQcY1HiVhuUtEC7

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