Benahavis – walking along the river

Above the Costa del Sol just before you reach he white village Benahavis, past Marbella and San Pedro, there is this hidden paradise, a secret place where you may find a chilling water, a stream to walk, swim and refresh yourself. You may park the car at the arrival point of your river walk, here, 36°30’38.9″N 5°02’08.3″W and walk along the road towards the village Benahavis, until you reach the place where to start your hack (here: 36°31’02.6″N 5°02’25.6″W) wearing just a swim suit, and walking shoes. Enjoy the swim, walk and hike which will take about 2 hours without hurry, arriving at the banks of a shallow river where you have parked your car. Good to know also that this village Benahavis has always been known as a place where to eat and dine at special restaurants! Best time of the year: July and August


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