Tesoro *2012, gelding, 1,66m, price B

Tesoro *2012, gelding, 1,66m, price B

interesting beautiful light Buckskin Sorraia gelding

Tesoro is a tall and rare colored Lusitano gelding, light dun with a black dorsal stripe and horizontal striping on the legs just like the original wild Sorraia horses of Portugal!

” Sorraia Horses are a remnant population of an indigenous, South Iberian wild horse, which survived in the formerly inaccessible lowlands of the river Sorraia in Portugal until the early 1900s.”

“The Sorraia is thought to be the last remnant of wild horses that lived across most of the Iberian Peninsula, including parts of Spain & Portugal.” http://www.theequinest.com/breeds/sorraia/ Also interesting page: http://www.equiworld.com/breeds/sorraia/index.htm

Tesoro has a very intelligent, easily bonding nature, fast learning and trusting his rider. He hacks out alnong busy roads and has a solid basic training in the rriding arena, snaffle mouth, learing now to keepo his collection even on loose reins. A fantastic horse and eye-catcher!





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5000-10000 Euro


Andalusien no Papers


Basic Ridden, Hacking






1,66 m