SENECA DE CENTURION *2013, stallion, 1,69m, price D

SENECA DE CENTURION *2013, stallion, 1,69m, price D

fantastic PRE stallion of exceptional height and with dressage movements

Seneca de Centurion comes directly from the breeder Yeguada Centurion, who has been selecting for dressage qualities as well as the goal to maintain the original PRE old types. Seneca de Centurion has grown up in the paradise of freedom and natural environment of the stud farm , and is now stabled at the age of just 3 years to be started under the saddle and rider on a snaffle. In fact, he has only been ridden 10 times on this video! As you can see, his character is splendid, and his movements are amazing, bearing in mind that the riding arena was small. With his height of already 1,69 m he will now become wider and grow in width, if you see his baroque shaped father Fer Bago (1,66 m, see picture!), who has been Spanish champion 2012, and who has been ridden the classical way being presented on a snaffle (see Video ). Fer Bago‘s sire Fer Temperanillo as well as his grandfather Mañoso II are both calificado stallions who have achieved numerous medals. Fer Bago’s mother (Seneca’s grandmother) is also a calificado mare!

Seneca de Centurion is the son of Faisana de Torreluna (1,70m!) , a calificado brood mare who has also the green ribbon as recommendation by the Ancce for dressage breeding. She is sired by famous Remache XIII who was twice Spanish champion and is a clificado stallion. Her mother (Seneca’s grandmother) is the calificado brood mare Kioskera Ram, daughter of Elite and calificado stallion Educado X!

The blood lines of Seneca de Centurion are mainly based in Marin Garcia, Guardiola, Yeguada Militar (Leviton, Orfebre, Deco).


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D 15000-20000 Euro




Started under Saddle