PURITANO V *2013, stallion, 1,64m, price C

PURITANO V *2013, stallion, 1,64m, price C

nice high Quality Young PRE, well started in snaffle

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Old type friendly approved PRE stallion of tremendous grace and beauty, bred by Santiago Illán Fernández. As all his horses, Puritano has spent his childhood outside in the field and has been stabled late allowing time to build up his natural strength and social behavior. In fact, his character is splendid, as well towards his human as to other horses and animals. He is very sweet and kind, comfortable to ride with his strong back and light paces. He has a soft unspoilt mouth and is always ridden in English tack. He has a good self-carriage, very regular paces and balanced action. A fantastic dressage and stud stallion combination. Sired by the black stallion Samaritano VIII from the breeder  Franzisco Santiago http://ganaderiafranciscosantiago.com/ , his bloodlines are heavily influenced by Military lines including some very ancient historical names such as Agente 1959, Taco Taco 1955, Gemelo II 1955. His mother, Duquesa CLIII (black), is based in Yeguada Militar lines and Carthusian roots.


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C 10000-15000 Euro




Basic Ridden, Hacking