Ponce *2010, stallion, 1,68m, price D

Ponce *2010, stallion, 1,68m, price D

well ridden, hacks out!

Stunning & beautiful Hispano-Arab, easy to ride and well trained! Ponce is a real eye catcher! His fur is changing from dark Palomino in winter to golden shining in summer, very attractive and interesting. His father, pure-bred Hispano-Arab stallion, is very successful in dressage, whereas  Ponce has the ability to be taken along now. His gaits are very comfortable and soft, his movements elastic and smooth. He has well-controlled transitions and reacts fine and directly to any help. He is currently been trained and ridden by a well-known rider who is specialized in training show horses and participating in so-called “trabajo del campo” a discipline on international level, similar to working equitation. He is now developing his lateral work, shoulder in, collected canter, working trot and developing his extended trot, backwards and starting Spanish Walk from the ground.

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15000-20000 Euro


Hispano Arab


Basic Ridden, Hacking


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