Pio *2010, gelding, 1,53m, price A

Pio *2010, gelding, 1,53m, price A

gentle baroqu shaped Pinto, very friendly especially with children!

Pio is a baroque pinto gelding with a heart of gold. He is a schoolmaster for children and has been to many ferias and romerias, being used only as a leisure and hacking horse. As you can see in the video, he is very patient and reliable even for a very young girl riding him on a snaffle. He may be ridden in Spanish tack as well as snaffle. Such a heart breaker! He is being sold from private only because they want to reduce the amount of horses and for lack of time. Pio is suitable for keeping him outside in fields or open stables as he is living outside during the day and only stabled in a box during the night.

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Up to 5000 Euro


Andalusien no Papers


Basic Ridden, Hacking


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