MIMOSA ACD *2015, mare, price A

MIMOSA ACD *2015, mare, price A

super sweet young PRE filly, living outside in the fields

Mimosa ACD is a very sweet, pretty and well moving PRE filly, still with her mother in the large field near Malaga (see picture). Her mother Judia ACD is sired by calificado Judio VII from the Mallorca breeder Vilaire. Judio is the stallion with the most calificado off spring horses registered of Spain! He has been vice champion of Spain during the years 200, 2001 and 2005 and has won may dressage competitions. He has been representing the PRE horses on the FERIA CAVALLI in Verona, Italy, in 2007. Judio’s father Bellico II has been one of the last horses from the worldwide famous Carthusian breeder Viuda de Terry! Bellico II has also achieved many gold medals since he was 3 years old! We have also known Mimosa ACD’s grandmother Primera XXIII, a very nice PRE mare who went to Germany. Her son Emarioso (*2014, see picture) has been sold as a colt to Denmark, he has a lot of similarity to Mimosa! From this side of her pedigree, she is carrying strong blood lines of Yeguada Militar (Letargo, see picture!), Baones and Cartujano (Terry / Bocado).Mimosas father Mimoso XLI is a pure Miura stallion (see picture)

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December 2015