Liberto IV *2012,PRE stallion, 1,60m, price B

Liberto IV *2012,PRE stallion, 1,60m, price B

ridden & driven

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Liberto IV * 09/05/2012is a pretty PRE stallion, good size, well ridden and very well driven as well in a single carriage as in a double together with his brother HISPANO CLXIII. He has been do ferias and is used to traffic and hacking. Both horses are bred by the small breeder Arcora, who has produced always very handsome horses for daily use, and in addition very pretty and typical PRE to the breed standard. His rider and trainer is a friend of the owner. He has trained him slowly with a profound knowledge of natural horsemanship, he is also known as a rider and trainer for working equitation in Spain as well as a show rider and trainer. He loves to start the horses just on a snaffle and keep them light in the Hand.


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Basic Ridden, Carriage, Hacking


B 5000-10000 Euro