Decano Ler *2010, stallion, 1,62m, price E

Decano Ler *2010, stallion, 1,62m, price E

professional training, stunning movements and appearance


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Decano Ler is a stunning PRE of high quality coming from the antique blood lines Bohorques, Cañizales, Paco Lazo. Trained by professional dressage trainer, Manuel Aranda, Decano has been handled regularly since birth. He grew up in large fields and could develop utterly sane and naturally. We have known this horse since the day of his birth and taken pictures from time to time, and we can provide you with these pictures if you are interested in this horse. We also know his father, a really tall beautiful PRE of 1,68 m and we even knew his grandfather, the legendary very baroc PRE stallion Pendolillo II, who has been performing shows up to old age (see video!). Decano is being trained in solid basic work as well as laterals, extended trot, stopps, backwards, perfecting piaffe, passage and Spanish walk. He may be ridden in snaffle or pelham.


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162 cm


E 20000-25000 Euro




Dressage, Hacking




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