CORTIJERO LXIII *2007, gelding, 1,56m, sold

CORTIJERO LXIII *2007, gelding, 1,56m, sold

bomb proof hacking horse!


Cortijero LXIII is a pretty, flashy looking PRE gelding almost looks like a stallion but very gentle and sweet, a bomb proof hacking horse! He has been with his owner for a long time, since he was a colt, and always been used as a leisure horse, has been to many ferias, romerias and local celebrations, never does anything bad. His owner is lacking time now as work is getting harder working in a bakery. He just wants his horse to find a very good new home, where he may continue to enjoy hacks and lots of cuddles and attention. Cortijero would also be fine to be turned out in fields together with other horses. We can even see him ridden the western style as to his short and baroque built, showing fantastic ability for natural collection without reins. As you can see in the video, even cars passing by he stands still like a rock in the sea. His branding is Nicolas Romero (Romerito) being sired by the calificado breeding stallion Samaritaño IX (see pictures) with pure Escalera and Yeguada Militar lines. His mother Cortijera Bio was a breeding mare of Yeguada Bionest.


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Up to 5000 Euro




Basic Ridden, Hacking






1,56 m