Chanquete V *2009, stallion, 1,60m, Price B

Chanquete V *2009, stallion, 1,60m, Price B

bomb proof, experienced trelkking horse, easy to ride for anybody


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Chanquete is an experienced trekking horse, absolutely bomb proof in any situation, tall and well built. He is used to go on ferias with a lady on the back as second rider, to Romerias, pilgrim rides and alone. He has been started to be ridden with 3 years and had a basic training by a professional rider, including some lateral work, backwards and starting Spanish walk. Now he is only being used as a hacking horse, very reliable and safe. His father is a calificado stallion and proceeds from the Yeguada Militar line from Oefebre; his mother comes from old baroc lines rooted in Granda Losada, Romero Benitez and Bohrquez.  On the pictures with the carriege you can see him together with Goloso.



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B 5000-10000 Euro




Basic Ridden, Hacking




160 cm


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