Torbelino XXXII *2016, PRE colt, price A

Torbelino XXXII *2016, PRE colt, price A

fantastic pure bred black PRE colt

High quality PRE colt, sweet character and excellent movements. Torbelino XXXII  *28/05/2016 has grown up in the fields together with his brother and mates. His mother BURBUJA VII has brilliant blood lines mainly from Escalera and Carthusian origins as daughter of legendary Botero who has the Marques de Velilla branding and has been the sucessful black breeding stallion at stud at Yeguada San Roman! The father of the colt is called CAPOTE CE and comes from old Granda Losada lines, Yeguada Militar (Ofebre and Gorron II by Terry!) and also has Noblessa de Guadiana and Guardiola origins. Torbelino is registered with ANCCE stud book. He has very good hoof and moves really nicely! He is already a Little bit lunged and lets you lead him around which is important for future transport!


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