AEOLO *2007, gelding, 1,58m, price C

AEOLO *2007, gelding, 1,58m, price C

sweet bay PRE gelding, suitable for working equitation, doma vaquera influence

Aeolo is an energetic yet safe PRE gelding who has very good conformation and moves nicely. He has been used mainly as a leisure horse till now, participated in ferias and romerias as you can see on the picture, a lady horse in every aspect, and now ridden by a professional doma vaquera trainer, but nicely in a snaffle.
He has beauty and power, Very friendly and calm in handling – always a real gentleman! He is very sweet and kind, extremely comfortable to ride, no need to use spurs or strong bit. He has a soft unspoilt mouth and is ridden in English tack as well as Spanish. He currently practices all three main gaits, lateral work including shoulder-in, leg-yield and half-pass, performing pirouettes in walk, preparing for disciplines which are more doma vaquero orientated such as working equitation. Aelo is a wonderful combination of leisure horse and working in the arena, he is great fun to ride!


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C 10000-15000 Euro




Basic Ridden, Doma Vaquera Working Equitation, Dressage